I recently purchased a new rifle and I’m having cycling issues.


This is by the far the most popular question we receive and the tips below resolve 99% of the issues. This could be caused by three things:

One, there is something in the chamber stopping the ammo. Two, the ammo is not feeding properly due to the magazine being used. Three, the ammo is slightly out of spec. The ammo being out of spec is possible but highly unlikely due to the rigorous quality control we do. But, like anything that involves humans, there is always room for improvement. All Black Butterfly Ammunition is sold with a 6-month guarantee to function as advertised. If it’s the ammo, we will make it right.

We recommend the following:

Purchase a 20 gauge brass bore brush and clean the head space with your favorite cleaner. We prefer WD40 for this. Make sure you really move it around in there in a spinning motion. Once cleaned, spray some brake cleaner in the chamber, air dry, then lightly lube the chamber with your favorite gun oil. We prefer Eezox.

Next, change out the mag and use a standard GI MAG. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, check the round for “streaks” in the brass. If the head space is out of spec or has a burr, you will quickly see where the case is bumping or being scraped. These are indicators for head space issues. If the firearm is new, we recommend you repeat the heavy cleaning again with the bore brush. If you are still having these issues and the rifle is new, you should immediately contact the manufacturer and return the rifle to have them check the head space.

Make sure you tell them the ammunition used was case gauged using spec case gauges made by SBR and Tromix. If the rifle is not new, this could be an issue with the ammunition. Please contact us immediately to assist you.