Some issues and questions you might have...

  • I fired a few rounds and the cases are damaged on the face. Is the ammo bad or “over pressured”, as I read that online?
  • I fired a round and it appears the firing bit really bit into the primer...
  • I fired a round and the firing pin put a hole in the primer...

The most likely cause is that the bolt is dirty. We take special care to only release rounds that will function properly without damaging the brass so it can be reused by folks who reload. However, on the higher velocity rounds, you may see some slight “chewing” on the brass which is not ideal but normal. This is not over pressure but simply a reaction of firing a projectile that weighs 300+ grains at a high velocity.  The bulk of our loads do not contain enough propellant to push them anywhere near “over pressurization”, so we look to other causes first.

We recommend the following:

  • Take the bolt out and heavily clean it. Pay special attention to the firing pin and the ability for it to retract.
  • Run your finger over the firing pin and feel for sharp edges or burrs. Check the extractor lips for the same issues.
  • If you notice the pin does not retract with moderate pressure, there might be some grit or metal flecks in the primer pin pocket. This is typically the cause of hard strikes on the primers.

Breaking the bolt all the way down requires a special attention to detail and some experience. If you have never done this before, YouTube has some great videos on how to do it or contact a local gunsmith to assist you.