Some may ask...

Last week, I took my rifle out and sighted it in.  At the time I sighted it in, it shot one inch groups at 100 yards. Today, when I shot my rifle again and it seems to be all over the place. What is going on?

The most likely cause is that something has changed with the rifle since the last time the rifle was shot. This could be a variety of issues including but not limited to; scope failure, mount failure, or loose lugs on the mounts and or barrel.

The first thing you want to do is check the mounts for any loose screws or lugs. Once you do that, check the mount itself for cracks. Then move onto the scope. If you do not notice any visible issues, the quickest way to determine if there is an issue with the ammo is to open a new box and shoot a few rounds of the same weight. If it’s the ammo, you should immediately see your shooting correct back to normal patterns.

If it’s the firearm, you will see the same pattern of chaotic shooting continue as you blast through the new ammo. Scope failure is a MAJOR problem with this rifle. Make sure you do your homework before you attach a mount or scope to it as the .458 will pound a weak scope or mount to death.