I ordered some ammunition on-line from and received my tracking number via email last night. Today, I checked the tracking number, and it is not showing as active, or it appears to have stopped at a terminal somewhere in the US. 

What should I do?

Things to understand about UPS ground service:

  • We can file a claim after 7 BUSINESS DAYS from the time of pickup. 
  • We must wait for this 7-business day period to end as MOST issues are resolved on their own in that time frame.
  • UPS does not scan at time of pick up from our facility, and the tracking will only go live once it is scanned at a processing center. Often, scans are missed, and the tracking number does not go live, or status does not change. 
    • It just means the scan didn’t pick up. There have been many times that the only scan that picks up is the scan at delivery. Please be patient and allow the 7 business days to complete before emailing us. At that time, we can file a trace.

UPS “Missing Package” Issues

  • Please Remember once UPS picks up, we have no control over how long it takes to get to you. They also no longer guarantee delivery in a specified amount of time. 
  • UPS ground only moves in transit during business days. That means there is often a lag over the weekend or a holiday in information being updated about your packages process.

Damaged Package Issues

If your package is damaged do not throw away any packaging, boxes or contents!

  • Please start a ticket on our support page. 
  • Please photograph all sides of the exterior box, packaging material and the contents or damage product and email them to us so that we can initiate a damage claim. 
  • This process can be lengthy, and UPS may contact you to examine the contents of the package. 
    • This is UPS’s process, not ours and so we have no control over how fast it moves. 
  • Once we receive notification of the claim being paid, we will send you replacement merchandise. 
  • Unless you requested and paid for additional insurance, packages are only insured up to $100 in value.