I live in New York State and would like to buy ammo on-line and have it shipped directly to my house. I have heard that some on-line ammunition dealers ship ammo directly to my residence in NYS. 

Is this true?


First, go our website and ready our FAQS page or visit our support page. 

Unfortunately, you can no longer ship ammo to your residence in NYS unless you hold special licenses. Due to the NYS SAFE ACT, all NYS ammunition orders are now required to be sent to an FFL or Ammo Permit holder. 

If you have one please shoot it over after your place your order. If you do not have one, most folks simply have their order sent to a local gun shop for the transfer. We recommend you always contact them first to find out if they have any sort of charge for this. Some larger shops have started to charge a fee for this transfer due to the volume of transfers they handle. 



What happens if I order and don't do this?:


If we do not receive this information prior to 5 PM your order will be cancelled and you will be blocked from any future order as per our terms on cancelled orders.  

Sometimes, due to volume, we miss this transaction cut off and your order is processed. If this happens and it rolls through processing before it is caught and you fail to send your state specific documents, we will pass along the credit card processing fee to you when we cancel the order.  Remember, credit card companies charge us on the initial charge and on the refund which typically equates to 5% total. 

Once received, your order will move into processing. Prior to shipping, a tracking number will be generated and sent to you.


For NYS residents who want to argue with us about this law:


If you want to argue about this law with us, please keep in mind this is your state law and not our rule. We are not going to dispute this law with you. If you do not believe us, pick up the phone and call the NYS SAFE ACT office prior to sending us emails or calls stating you “read” or “heard” something different. We have actually talked to their staff, FFLs and or Ammo Permit holders in your state and understand the law completely.  Basically, it sucks but it's the law in your state. 

Here is the link to their website and their phone number: